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AgeMorning 8 - 1pm
(Includes Breakfast)
Afternoon 1 - 6pm
(Includes Snack)
Full Day
3 MONTHS - 2 YEARS £34.18 £34.18 £65.32
2 - 3 YEARS £33.54 £33.54 £64.15
3 - 4 YEARS £32.57 £32.57 £61.84
Fees are not charged when the nusery is closed
5% Discount for siblings
5% Discount for children attending full time
Registered for 2 year old Government Funding, 3 and 4 year old Universal and Extended Government Funding All Childcare Vouchers, Tax Free Childcare, Care to Learn, Universal Credit.
Children are provided with four meals per day
Breakfast snack included in fees
Fruit snack in the afternoon included in fees
Cooked Lunches £3.75
Tea £1.85
Cooked nutritious lunch and dessert based on a five week menu, no processed foods are used costs shown above.
Parents may bring a packed lunch for their children if they prefer.
High tea based on a two week menu cost shown above.
Parents may bring a packed snack for their children if they prefer.